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Pamyla Love | Spiritual and Vibrational Healer

Each of us is a miracle – as individual as a snowflake; as powerful as nature itself.  When we can’t sense that power, we perceive a confusing and dangerous world around us and we often feel small and powerless to control our own lives and our own health.


As a Spiritual Alchemist and Energy Therapist, it is my calling to guide you to remember how miraculous you are, and discover your inherent ability to take charge of your life, health, and spiritual wellness.

We are all, in our own way, supreme beings capable of tremendous love and healing.  The journey we take together will unlock the gifts of healing you were born with.  The destination is total empowerment – a profound awareness in your own ability to lead the life you choose.

In time, you will come to regard illness not as a curse but as a gift – a beacon signalling imbalance in your life and a guidepost that can lead you – with awareness – towards enhanced health and spiritual awareness. 

Working together, we can achieve your objective of greater health and personal empowerment and you will witness your own transformation from the way your life is to what you want it to be as I facilitate you connecting with your own peace, joy, compassion and love. 


I offer many different modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Indian Head Massage, Bowen Therapy and much more, there's something perfect for everyone.

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Code of Ethics

As a Master of Vibrational Medicine, I live by 8 code of ethics...I invite you to discover what they are...

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