Everything that happens is moving you into more. Everything!

– Panache Desai

The foundation of my treatment system is an ancient spiritual tradition of Vibrational Medicine known as Divine One.  It is a powerful and proven method of restoring coherence to the body, mind and spirit, which in turn, frees the restorative and regenerative powers of the immune system.

Dr. Richard Gerber describes Vibrational medicine “as the science of sensing and interfacing with energy.”  Everything is energy and as energy vibrates at specific frequencies.  The physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields.  The energy network, which represents the physical framework, is organized and nourished by “subtle” energetic systems that coordinate the life force with the body.  It is from these subtle levels that health (ease) and illness (dis-ease) originate.  These unique energy systems are powerfully affected by our thoughts, emotions and level of spiritual balance as well as nutritional and environmental factors.

All the systems in the body, as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual ‘bodies’ have a natural frequency.  Miraculously, they are created to exist harmoniously, in a balanced and organized way.  We were created and designed to experience the polarity of life and have an ability to move through contrasting experiences with ease of well-being.  Disruption in these various natural frequencies result in discord and disorganization of the energy fields.  The lack of ease means we move through our experiences with a sense of struggle.  The greater the disruption, the greater the dis-ease.


Vibrational medicine attempts to treat people with pure energy, which at a basic level includes colour, light and sound.  Working with our breath and meditation also allows us to “become familiar” – to know and understand ourselves; specifically, how our own thoughts and behaviours create habits and patterns.  We become aware of what thoughts and emotions dominate our being and in that awareness, transformation and healing takes place.

Vibrational medicine recognizes an essential truth:

each of us is responsible for the state of our own minds.

Essentially, we shift from seeking external sources of healing

and begin looking within; therefore activating our innate healing abilities.

This alchemical process and system of healing takes the ‘leadened’ human experiences and turns them into ‘spiritual gold’.

We become our own miracle.


As health and wholeness are being restored, the resonance of all your systems will change and this alters the ability to receive and process different vibrations, therefore requiring a variety of approaches on your journey of restoring your health.  As a Master of Vibrational Medicine  I am trained to be in a state of balance called Present with Presence. I vibrate the frequencies of love (peace, calm, compassion, etc.) that allows you also to resonate at that level, stimulating you toward healing. Each session we continue to expand these frequencies, lifting you to a higher level of mind and activating your innate healing abilities until you are able to maintain the frequency yourself. This is what is meant by you becoming your own miracle.  You have always had the power within yourself to bring about healing – I simply facilitate you in that journey to heal yourself from within by maintaining a higher frequency that stimulates and maintains a healthy, vibrant system that includes your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The course of treatment we embark on promotes its own sense of spiritual health and well-being, and amplifies the effects of conventional healing.  Importantly, it creates a miraculous shift in your perspective, away from a negative focus on healing and recovery.

I don’t use the word miraculously loosely, for that is what a miracle is – a change in perception.  The shift will serve to empower you.  You will become a full and active partner in determining your own course.  As Jack Schwarz says, “There is no evolvement without involvement.”  Through our time together you will become truly involved and responsible for your own life, health, and spiritual destiny.


“A New Life” Image used with permission

by Artist – Debi Fitzgerald