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About Me

Pamyla Love

  • Master of Vibrational Medicine
  • Spiritual Alchemist & Energy Therapist
  • Recognized Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner
  • Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner
  • Advanced EFT® Practitioner
  • Certified Melt Hand & Foot Practitioner
  • Level III Reconnective Healing® Practitioner
  • Advanced Psych-K® Practitioner
  • Level II Reflexology Student
  • EPTS Practitioner
  • Thai Yoga Massage 101(completing certification)


“When you allow Love to arise from within you and emerge through you, a spark of creation is born. This Love can only be felt or sensed, no words can describe it. It is the Stillness that pulses strong; the Silence that is loud. When you allow Love to emerge through you and you give It expression through the physical senses, you become the miracle.”Pamyla Love, Master of Vibrational Medicine

My Path To Teaching

Along the path of life I have danced in partnership with wonderful teachers and life continues to boldly unfold through my personal inner examinations.  My teachers provided me the encouragement and guidance to remember who I Truly Am.  It was not in the love they gave to me, but rather, the love they helped me discover within myself which illuminated my choices with new perspectives.  I have had the opportunity to take new action – in fact I have experienced miracles.

As a Master of Vibrational Medicine, in addition to having a full-time practice, I have spoken to groups and conducted workshops with teachers, students, athletes, clients at clinics and other healers on managing stress and how to live more harmoniously, using tools that work in day-to-day living.  As a Therapeutic Touch™ practitioner, I have spoken to doctors and nurses on the benefits of Therapeutic Touch™, facilitated practice sessions with trained nurses and supervised sessions for Therapeutic Touch™ practitioners working toward Recognized status.  Further studies of body energy work, vibrational healing and native philosophy and medicines have deepened my understanding of the original spiritual and holistic training.

I began practicing on a part-time basis, after training with a Divine One Master.  I incorporated body energy work and intuitive abilities with my work as a childbirth educator, birth attendant and fitness instructor.  I also taught at St. Michael’s Hospital, and coordinated the prenatal program at the Etobicoke Olympium in Toronto.  Certification in Indian Head Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Melt Hand and Foot Method, and ETPS complement the original body energy work.  Advanced practitioner trainings in Therapeutic Touch™, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reconnective Healing™, and Psych-K™ round out tools for instruction in moving through the changes we experience mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Each day I choose to be peace, joy, compassion and love and this allows me to be these things for others when our lives touch.” – Pamyla Love, Master of Vibrational Medicine.