“Each day I choose to be peace, joy, compassion and love
and this allows me to be these things for others when our lives touch.”

– Pamyla Love, Master of Vibrational Medicine.

Pamyla Love’s introduction to vibrational medicine began with an encounter while attending her first Tibetan meditation downtown Toronto over 40 years ago. Through the training that followed she awakened to understand her intuitive abilities were not a curse, but a gift, leading her to further studies and exploration in bio-field therapies such as Therapeutic Touch™, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reconnective Healing, as well as energy based manual therapies such as Thai Massage, Bio-Energy Massage and the Melt Method, spiralling the original spiritual teachings in several significant directions.

All of these directions reflect Pamyla’s passion for bringing together ancient spiritual practices such as meditation and breath work and the latest science to understand total health is connecting body, mind and spirit. Pamyla has kept her ability to stay always a student first, which constantly inspires her to empower herself and others.

Pamyla’s unique integrative energy healing process creates a safe space to learn how to make the changes necessary to have the reconnection to occur, bringing peace, ease, mental clarity, inner harmony, strength and rejuvenation. This has promoted faster healing, and resulted in boosted immune system, decrease in pain and inflammation, improve ease and movement, calming inner tension, and overall improved mental health.

Pamyla works with people who really desire to change, shows them how they can create the practices to navigate change and move those practices to practical application in their daily lives.

Pamyla is an active member of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario, Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada and International Association of Thai Massage.

“When you allow Love to arise from within you and emerge through you,

a spark of creation is born.

This Love can only be felt or sensed, no words can describe it.

It is the Stillness that pulses strong; the Silence that is loud.

When you allow Love to emerge through you

and you give It expression through the physical senses,

you become the miracle.”

– Pamyla Love, Master of Vibrational Medicine.

“I create a safe space so you can learn how to make the changes necessary to bring peace, ease, mental clarity, inner harmony, strength and rejuvenation to your senses.”


Master of Vibrational Medicine
Spiritual Alchemist and Energy Therapist
Certified Thai Massage (Adv.) Practitioner
Recognized Therapeutic Touch™ Practitioner
Certified Thai Reflexology Practitioner
Certified Indian Head Massage Practitioner
Advanced EFT® Practitioner
ETPS Practitioner
Certified MELT Hand & Foot Practitioner
Level III Reconnective Healing® Practitioner